Saturday, 8 August 2015

I T G I R L S | Release Review

A new floor of It Girls was released yesterday, and I don't think we've had one in a little while! The homepage ad didn't really draw my eye much - it definitely felt like the typical It Girls vibe, but I didn't get anything special from it.
Upon first looks I didn't really feel a great pull to this collection, nothing much stood out to me that I felt like I needed to buy. A a whole the collection does fit into the It Girls store well but definitely has Pretty 'n Love feels to it.
Distressed and ripped seems to have been a bit of a theme, with dungarees, shorts and a shirt available. I'm not so much a fan of these - I do quite like the dungaree trend that's around right now (not on me, but on other people, yes!), but these ones don't hit it for me, I think it's because they're shorts and I'm more partial to a full leg, please come prove me wrong and style these amazingly, haha! The colours of the store were mostly white and pale creams, so fitting for summer, I think that print on the Olivia Lace Dress is very welcomed for the collection! I didn't see too much to shout about with the accessories panel in the store, they're alright, and the Macrame Fringe Bag is definitely a plus. I did like the Tortoiseshell Necklace and it's in coins, a great bargain. The only other coin item in the store is the pair of Olivia Beaded Shorts. I really quite like the print on these, but the shape is a little of a let down in my opinion - I haven't bought them yet, but you never know, I still could!
Prices seemed a little on the high end for It Girls, ranging from 5 to 18SD's with most pieces above 12SD's. So it's not too pocket-friendly, however I found myself not buying very much so that also saved on the pennies!
The clothing piece I chose to buy were the Rolled Cuff Skinnies costing 15SD's. I think the price is justifiable for these because they're very versatile, the shape is great and the high waist is a perfect height for some of the cropped tops that we have, modesty will be protected which is a total plus for me! ^Only buying these and the Necklace kept my spend down!
Styled two looks with the jeans today - and I think I prefer the second, with the sandals. I think the shoes totally influence the look of the jeans and right now it's sandals which are working it! Love the both clothing combinations I've chosen though, keeping it pretty simple. Rock and roll in the first and a little more 'done' in the more dressed second look!
And finally a feature - totally loved Mia1435's look with the Navy Blue Maxi:

Let me know what you think of the store release and the looks in the comments below!

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