Friday, 28 August 2015

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

This weeks Callie's Picks release was all about Chanel - which I don't think anyone will be complaining about, these pieces have great style! The homepage ad is cute and quite vibrant so it really stands out off the page. Lets take a look inside:
We really did get two packed floors this week - I'm not sure if I've just not paid enough attention previously, but I feel like there are a lot more items this time! The items are primarily for girls, however a male look is included although it doesn't seem particularly special to me compared to a lot of the other items!
I thoroughly enjoyed going through the store and trying everything on because although a lot are from the tribute stores we've had, there are plenty of items I passed on the first time around. In the end I didn't purchase many items because I didn't feel like I'd wear them, but there are some classic pieces like the CC Jacket and the CC Skirt and lets not forget about shoes, like the Coco Pumps and the CC Shoes. I also love the jewellery and small accessories included with this collection - the Chanel Chain Necklace has been included, now it is 30SD's which is very pricey, however it was 24 in the Chanel store when I originally bought it (you can check out my stylings of it as part of my latest challenge here!).
The prices of the whole collection range from 4 to 45SD's with most items around the 20SD mark. Now I do agree that this is fairly expensive, however a lot of items are from the Chanel Tribute store and in the Plaza would typically be slightly more expensive. But I do think I was considerate of prices before making my purchases from this release. I only purchased the Audrey Dress and the Dotted Trousers, both of which I've styled below: 
My two looks for the Audrey Dress focus on black and white, going with a classic like the RIO Sharp Cape Blazer in the first and accessorising with the VOILE Spikes Necklace, and secondly went for this Chanel white blazer to keep the look light. I also think this dress would suit quite a few tops and could act as a skirt with many of them.
I really really love these Dotted Trousers, they've been on my wishlist for a little while so I'm very pleased these were included in the release even though they're not very 'Chanel' to me. I went for 4 looks purely because I couldn't decide on what to show. I've picked a variety of tops, both shirts and tees, but I feel the trousers look best with these white/grey/black colours. These have so much potential and I really can't wait to wear them in many looks^

Overall I'm super happy with this release, but what about you guys?

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