Friday, 7 August 2015

Wear Dem Jewels Challenge #15

Time for another bracelet - although this time technically it's two! I've gone for the layered effect with these two very similar pieces, the Hexagon Foil and Pave Bangle and the Hexagon Foil Bangle from MAWI, each cost 6SD's and are still available in the Plaza however are SS only I'm afraid =/
I really like the combination of these two bangles, and I really wanna wear it more often now! For my first look I went for something a little more dressed up with these Dior trousers and white YH shirt - you still get some length in the sleeves without there being an awkward layering at the bracelets. Then I accessorised simply with none-other-then gold, it had to be done^ My second look is super casual with this Nelly white dress, I've not worn it like this before so it gives it another perspective. I wore a tee over it and kept it even more casual with the denim jacket. Again stuck with gold accessories, totally loving these Gold Strappy Heels from Callie's Picks =)

1 comment:

  1. Love the second outfit! I like to add this denim jacket to dresses cause it gives this super casual touch that I love!
    Oh, and these two bracelets seem to be made for each other, great idea putting them together :)

    - mirdith