Sunday, 2 August 2015

Wear Dem Jewels Challenge #13

I promise I haven't forgotten this challenge, I've just been very busy, but I'm not done with this yet! This time it's the PPQ Ruby Earrings, which you can find in the Bazaar if you're looking for a pair - I didn't really remember having these, so it was nice to get them out and give them a style:
These earrings had such a D&G feel to them, that I felt like lace was the only choice to go for, which ended up with this top. I also wanted them to be a clear standout point so stuck with a classic white for the rest of the look!  My shoes seemed like a pretty good choice - they're the RIO Hotbuys Embroidered Canvas Heels from a little while ago, and it's my first wear of them, super glad I have them and chose them^ The makeup also seemed to feel right as a red - so that's what I went for in the shadestick, making sure it was super pigmented. Gave a little orange in the Sienna liner too so that it was a little more styled than just shade =)
Let me know what you think, hopefully I'll get more of these posts out and the challenge will be done in late August or September!


  1. I like the outfit and of course the earrings!
    Not sure of the makeup though

  2. I love it! My favorite part is how you kept the outfit in white and added those little details on red like on the shoes and on the make up!
    - mirdith