Sunday, 9 August 2015

T H E J E T S E T | Release Review

I debated about this post for a few days - but decided to pop it up anyway to have a fairly decent record of store releases on the blog! This last week we got a new drop of The JetSet, the SS only store - I'm not SS at the moment however there are definitely items on my list! The homepage ad drew my eye immediately, I totally love the marble effect and I think those dolls are very pretty and I do feel like they sell the collection!
There were two floors on this release, however I'm just focusing on the clothing in this post (I'm thinking of doing some interior sort of series in the late autumn/winter, so I think I'll save the decor items for that).
It's good to see some menswear there, even if it is just one outfit. Some of the girls clothes aren't looking too spectacular for me, but there are definitely some clear winners there - especially that Oyster Pink Jumpsuit, that's one amazing piece! The Heavy Rock Jacket is also pretty cool, and I plan on getting it if I renew my membership. The accessories are also doing pretty well, I particularly like the Spiked Market Tote and the Camel Strappy Sandals.
Pricing ranges from 5 to 26SD's, with most items above 10. These prices aren't particularly different to what I would have assumed for the items, and I think it fits with the previous pricing in the releases.
If I end up buying anything I will do a little lookbook or something with the pieces, but for now, features!

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