Monday, 24 August 2015

F A L L E N A N G E L | Release Review

At the end of last week the Plaza was filled with a new Fallen Angel release. Now I wasn't greatly impressed by the homepage ad, to me it just doesn't sell it well! I quite like the pictures in the background, but it was meant to be the clothes that it was selling =/
So we had a whole rack of clothing and I definitely think the homepage ad undersells the collection! There are both mens and womens clothing available, albeit just a couple of pieces for the guys, but at least it's something. I'm typically not a huge fan of Fallen Angel, but every collection generally has a couple of gems hidden in there.
This time for me the accessories aren't really doing it - the Tarot Tin Box clutch is very sweet, and only 85SC's, but the shoes and other bag don't seem to be particularly great. I'm sure some people have purchased them, but I can't see myself wearing them.
Clothing is alright really - a lot of mesh and sheer pieces,but also some quite 'light' pieces for a Fallen Angel collection, like the Swarming Dress for example. As someone who doesn't wear revealing pieces, something like the Caught In A Web Dress really puts me on the fence because I do like the style of mesh, it's just not all that wearable - I have put a look together below, although I think it'll be a common wear to make this piece work in most wardrobes^ The clothes for the bottom half are a little disappointing for me, and I think other items might have fitted into this release a little better, but oh well! Finally on the tops, the clear winner of the collection was the Structured Bustier. It's pretty versatile and although at first glance I was a little wary, I was so glad I bought it!
I've styled 2 outfits below with the clothing items I bought as mentioned - the Structured Bustier in particular has so many looks and I am very much excited to get more use out of it and style it in a more feminine manner =D

So what do you guys think of this store? And of the looks? I particularly love the first, but give me your thoughts in comments!


  1. The second styled outfit looks pretty cool!

  2. The bustier is such a perfect piece, I'll be wearing it myself a lot!