Thursday, 13 August 2015

P R I N T E D G R E Y S H I R T | Menswear

So my follow up to yesterdays feature - my set of Styled Outfits for the Mr. Printed Grey Shirt! I very much enjoyed putting looks together for this shirt. Went with trousers for all of these looks, although I think skirts and maybe a couple of dresses could also work well for this shirt. I did want to have really varied looks but I do think they all come across as quite dressed up!
The first look uses these Melbourne Minimalism trousers and a fitted blazer (Killah), and I think this combination works with the shirt fairly well. Dressed up a little with the fur vest, and kept simple heels - overall fairly effective. My second look is the brighter of the looks, and I seemed to have gone for a full Nelly look! The Melbourne Minimalism shoes seemed a good match and brought simplicity yet a little difference to the look. I love the darker grey of the blazer and the two really stand out against the white of the trousers. You can get the clothing items and the bag in the plaza by clicking here =) The final look, which I think is my favourite, is making use of those LE culottes and my always favourite vest. I totally love the oversized relaxed feel of this look.
I felt a much stronger pull into autumn styles now that we're into August and that's definitely replicated in these looks - can't wait to get into it more fully =)


  1. the final look is my favourite as well! Love it. :) Gonna buy that shirt too for sure!

  2. I love ALL the looks! I definitely feel like buying that top seeing these outfits