Thursday, 6 August 2015

Wear Dem Jewels Challenge #14

Number 14 - this time the 60s Earrings from a Callie's Picks release, I'm honestly not sure when they came out! I paid 5SD's for mine, and they are sellable in the Bazaar, and I'll assume the originals are too!
So I didn't realise how close this outfit was to the last one I styled - all white again, totally not intentional! Anyway I thought white looked best with the earrings so they would stand out, and I somehow also chose a coral lip, another thing which looks good with white! For the eyes I went all out with the lashes and just a dash of mascara. I went with more of a neutral tone for the shadesticks this time, up close I think it might be a little much, but from afar I think it's looking quite good!

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