Tuesday, 2 April 2013

White is back

So with the ending of my No White Challenge on Sunday, white is back on my doll, and I immediately wanted to put on these jeans which I designed in the Star Design last week to try and fill my need for that light bright colour (I should really say shade...)!
Anyway, I love them, and did a sheer tee with the same pattern to wear with some high-waisted skinnies!
I paired them with a plain white vest and some chunky black platforms, then added a simple yellow necklace and round white sunnies. I love this look =)

A lot of people have said they love my jeans over the course of the day - might it be a good idea to sell them? Let me know what you think + if you'd buy them!


  1. Had to laugh as i saw the title :) ...i love the jeans and the whole outfit idea.

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  3. I'd buy too! White is definetley your color.

  4. Well what are you guys waiting for - they've been on sale all day!