Thursday, 11 April 2013

More Hotbuys

I am running out of good titles for my little weekly Hotbuys reviews, I'll have to think of something better next time! Anyway, this weeks set were released yesterday:
And this week they're based on the Prada SS13 RTW collection, and I really love them =)
Like last weeks, many people who left opinions on a club topic absolutely hated them, and when I last checked I was the only person of about 50 who liked them - honestly, I don't see why they're so terrible to some people!!! 
Also, just because I like them, doesn't mean I buy every piece - altogether the 5 items cost over 60SD's which is a bit too pricey for weekly Hotbuys I think. I did however buy the skirt and the glasses, out of all the pieces I think they're the most usable and versatile (now there's a word I haven't used in a while!)
I amn't the biggest fan of the bag they chose though, the collection had many super pretty ones that I would have loved, but I feel this one just doesn't work for me, I think one of these could have looked much better:
 One of my favourite dolls styled these Hotbuys right away, take a look at Karlla-Gaga:
I love her look^^

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  1. I love your reviews! I am not the biggest fan of this week's collection... i like the sunglasses a lot, but when i tried them on...they are too small for my doll :/