Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Beauty sales

I completely forgot about the 50% off sale in the beauty stores at the plaza until like right now! And I'm glad I remembered, because I've embraced lipstick, I've been (well, my doll has been) wearing lipstick for like a week - not the same colour, I've been wearing different ones, but with this sale, it's the opportunity to pick up some more colours to try out!
You could also maybe pick up a new hairstyle, or maybe some designer perfume (I would, but I bought it all when it came out - regretting it now!!!)? Or maybe you want to give some jewellery pieces a try? You will probably find something for yourself, as there is something for everyone, and you might find that you've been thinking about an item, but put off buying due to the price - well now if the chance!

I'll be buying more lipstick, but let me know what you guys are thinking of buying!

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  1. I bought some hair accesories, you can never have to much of those :P

  2. I am planning on buying some hair accessories and some perfume, I have been wanting to get the perfume for ages and I still haven't so I might as well make the most of it now :D