Thursday, 4 April 2013


Yesterday we had the weekly dose of Hotbuys given to us:
The display shows them very elegantly in B&W, but they are in fact in colour - I think this is to make them a bit more appealing, as when a topic arose in a club and I said I really liked them, all 20 or so who had been involved in the conversation practically leapt on me - they were all saying "How can you like such vile pieces?!?!" I though that was awfully nasty of them, especially as this was before they'd even been realised, these poor Hotbuys didn't have a chance!!! Anyway, I love these Hotbuys, they're very current, both in trends and fashion and with my current likes =)
The piece I am yet to buy is the dress - I really like it, but it just doesn't suit my doll - which makes me sad, as I really like everything and the mini-collection as a whole =(
Right now I really love neon green - don't ask me why as I really have no clue, neon has never really been my thing, but recently neon accessories have been standing out and pulling my eye a lot more!

Instead of featuring myself wearing this weeks Hotbuys, I thought I'd feature the fabulous Karlla-Gaga, who is always designer-ready!

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