Thursday, 25 April 2013

Erm .. WHAT!!!

I've just logged into Stardoll after my study session to be greeted with this message:
Like, erm .... WHAT!?!? I have no idea what it even means "methods to stimulate activity", like what even is that, and "autoclick"? I have never heard of autoclick until they mentioned it! 

I am a bit dubious of the message, mainly because they always address it, like "Dear User" or "Dear sparklewand12"
I am going to email them about it and include the image with the message and see what they mean by it.
I will keep you updated with what they say!

Have any of you guys had something like this before? 

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  1. I get this same message too!!! Im so confused! :o t. meude

    1. i get it today, just like you!

    2. I am reading some topics in the Royalty club, and several people there got the message too!
      Something is definitely up!

  2. This is really strange! Maybe they mean tools to to like keep saving your doll so its in catwalk, but as you haven't been using them this makes no sense. Anyway are there even tools to do that?!? Maybe this is an error, but yes, see what stardoll say - hope its resolved soon!

  3. wtf? That's really weird...

  4. Lol, today i got something equal to your your message, but it was even stranger, since it was in turkish and said, that i used bad language. It's weird, because i am german and the warnings i got before (^-^) have always been in german or english.

    I hope Sd is going to tell me what that shit was about.