Sunday, 14 April 2013

Kociara Tribute Volume 5

So just a few days ago, as part of Unique Fashion Week (something which I meant to publicise about but I forgot - sorry!) Kociara074 released his 5th Tribute set of StarDesign clothes!
There are 13 pieces in total that you can get your hands on. I chose the APC jersey and the Michael Kors giraffe pants - and I am in love with both of them! 
 I also really like the RL versions and I think Sebastian has done a great job recreating them in the design studio. The APC sweater also comes in skirt form in RL which I think is so cute, it's not greatly versatile, but it just looks so wearable!
I haven't worn either of my fab new items yet, but I'll style them here for you so you can see how they work with other items before making your purchases =)
 APC Jersey
1. YSL Ruffle Buds Skirt, Pet-a-Porter Open Black Cape, LE Pink Purple Spike Sandals
2. Junior Gaultier Black Skinny Jeans, Killah Mc Ginley Jacket, Nelly Black Round Toed Pumps

Michael Kors Giraffe Jeans
3. Pet-a-Porter White Tie Shirt, Bizou Hot Buys Purse, YH Katy Golden Heel Shoes
4. Basic Orange Frilled Shirt, PnL Silver Shimmer Heels, YSL Camel Clutch

So please show kociara074 your support and visit and buy the collection today!

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