Friday, 19 April 2013

LE Decor

So earlier today a new LE Decor was released, pretty much everyone was expecting it, and expecting how not so good it was - it's been out almost 12 hours and only a small handful of items have sold out. I don't expect much will sell out - with the high prices for the not so high quality items. It's a shame really, but to me LE Decor has never been particularly amazing. Anyway, so the store looks like this:
I can't really say what the theme is, I don't really think it has one as there's quite a mix of things there.
The prices vary from 15 to 125, and in my opinion the items at the upper end of the scale aren't really worth it.
I bought 6 items and then 2 of the interiors, which was probably about what I thought I would buy after seeing the spoilers last night. My favourite purchase is the Lights Decorated Mirror which cost 76 SD's, I don't find this unreasonable as I really like the mirror, I can see it looking nice in several different rooms and I'm looking forward to completing a room styling including it.
 I also chose 2 interiors, the yellow and the pink - I'm currently using the pink one, but I think I need to do some shuffling of my suite - it's in one of the rooms unlocked when you're a SS and I don't like using those as I like access to all my decorated rooms when I'm a non-SS.

Anyway, it was pretty short a review - what did you guys think of the new decor?

Love K xxx


  1. I was quite disapointed by the collection, and haven't bought any yet, but my eye was caught by the mirror and also the lamp in the same colour. Perhaps I will go for those!

  2. I was quite disappointed to by the collection. I normally prefer the items to have a specific theme; I was planning on buying one of the skulls just to place around in my rooms but sadly they sold out to quick for me to buy one!