Friday, 5 April 2013

LE Review

So yesterday lunch time the latest LE was released! Everyone had been awaiting it's arrival for a couple of weeks now, and we knew it must be soon with a collection due and the Easter pass ending =)
Anyway, so here's the store:
Overall the look is very grunge-y, which I do believe is quite popular right now. I'm not the biggest fan of grunge to be honest, if you've read my blog for a while now you can probably tell! But I did manage to find at least 10 great pieces to buy!
The prices were pretty average for LE, although I felt some of them quite random, I'd prefer round even prices, and not random like 54 or 68, why not 55 or 70? Oh well!
There was the usual clamour when it was released - and Stardoll was able to give us their usual fun of not releasing all the pieces at the same time! All the clothes were in the store, but no accessories, it was about 40 minutes or so after the clothes came out that we were able to buy accessories.
It was a fairly quick release too - the spoilers were out at around 9 am and it was with us by lunchtime. So here's your story - I went to the library to study, check blogs on my phone when I get there, and USD have the first spoiler, "Great!" I'm thinking, "it will probably come tomorrow, I'll stay home from the library." But in my usual panic state I check Stardoll and the blogs every 5 minutes or so, and at 12:35pm there it is, the comment I was waiting for "LE IS OUT" so I literally grab my student card(I need that to get in and out of the library), keys, phone and jacket and quickly speed walk from my little study zone - my walk home is 15 minutes, I made it in 5 ... yes five! I would have run if I would have looked sane, unfortunately I wouldn't have and would have frightened everyone who saw me! So I sped walked all the way, something I am actually quite good at, and made it to my flat - I'm not gonna lie, I though my feet were gonna fall off, my calves were burning! So it was great exercise =) So after all that I managed to get the clothing pieces I wanted and then sat for almost an hour trying to get hold of the few accessory pieces that I wanted, that was a bit of a plavour(I think that's a Scottish word, not sure anyone will know what I mean) to - lets just say me, 4 different web browsers and the refresh button were great friends!
That is the craziest I have been (I promise!) for LE - but it was worth it for that half a day, as my dolly can have a ball in her new items!
So instead of showing what I got and how I'll dress each piece, I thought I'd show how other members have dressed their pieces as I will most likely have a few styled outfit posts soon{yes, eventually!}
-Carolla- styles her Gold Trim Moto Jacket with simple white and gold clothing and accessories
ASMA-A wears a full LE outfit, standing out in full grunge-esque glory
 Kociara074 looks great as usual, stying the Gold Moto Trim Jacket with black clothing and fab neon and gold accessories
Mery.- looks radiant in this beautiful look with the Mint Indescent Pants styling them very uniquely from the rest of the collection, this really is my sort of look!
Allesandra92 is looking great in this denim based look featuring the LE Patchwork Jeans. I loved boyfriend jeans already, these patchwork ones are fab - double denim? Oh yes!

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