Saturday, 13 April 2013

3 more new partners!

Sorry that all the posts seem to be about partners, but I like keeping you updated on who we're connected with!
Firstly we have SDL, which is Aislin's blog:
It's pretty much a gossip blog, but is venturing into the fashion side a lot more with a fashion week in the works. I also love the new feature, The Stardoll Dish, where Aislin makes videos discussing different things on the Stardoll and blogging world, this is something I enjoy watching as it really makes a difference hearing about the things going on rather than reading them!
Next we have TTT, run by Kim and Khol:
They are a large blog with over 1000 followers (=O) and have a whole variety of posting topics, fashion, issues, reviews - it's a great all round blog, they also have a fashion weekend in the works which is going to be in July, you can apply to show your collection there, so head over to the blog to apply!
And finally we have a brand new blog by Ravessa:
The owner is new to the blogging world, and only started her blog a few weeks ago - it's good to support new start ups =)
So far she has posted her own looks and fashion trend posts - the geometric one is pretty good, and she definitely took time over it, so it will be good to see more like it.

Remember to check out our Partners page to find out how to become a partner and see who else is partnered with us!

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