Sunday, 28 April 2013

Oh Hotbuys

Not too late on this weeks Hotbuys! (Just like 5 days=/ Haha) Just popping this up quickly before I head out for a hour, me and a friend have been trying to meet up and go for walks around the nearby parks during this revision time to clear our heads and discuss our predictions for exam questions!
Anyway, so this weeks Hotbuys were a bit of a disappointment for me:
I mean no offence to the Stardoll design team when I say this, but these were a bit of a joke(no pun intended!) for Hotbuys! They aren't particularly trendy or in fashion right now, and I don't think they've been done particularly well. The presentation of them is nice with the hands, although I feel the upper hand(with the blue earrings) doesn't look quite right shading wise, the thenar eminence(just getting some revision in here! It's the fleshy muscle at the base of the thumb=D) is just too brightly highlighted for the position to look right.
The items all cost 12 - 14 SD's, which for what they are is extortionate! I'd pay at most 8 for the gold bangle, but that's the only item I'd even consider buying. 14 for a ring is just too much - I can guess a lot of people will agree with me!

So I don't really have anything else to say about them/show a look because I'm not buying them!

Have any of you guys bought them and styled them in a nice way?

Love K xxx

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  1. Exactly -.- As i saw them i thought they are joking :D NoNoNO Definitly not supporting this! (This = Stardoll's going cracy!)