Friday, 31 January 2020

J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 0 H O T B U Y S

I have to say, this month has been incredibly disappointing for Hotbuys - initially Stardoll didn't release anything, but said they were still happening, then 3 pieces were released but only available to those topping up ... eventually the rest were presented in a StarPlaza Window for us, but I really think charging real money for HB's is a major down-turning point for HB's, I'm sure the opposite of what staff were hoping. But let's get on and check out the pieces this month!

So the first three pieces were available on the offer, luckily I'm not really loving any of them so I'm not overly mad about this, but would have still liked to try the Bag (name/store unknown) anyway as I really quite like the idea of the pink and green colour combination. I do quite like that the store front offered to us is pretty muted, the black and white tones are all ones which will work in a lot of different styles. 
The Circle Bodysuit (Vinyl, 28SD's) is pretty cool, I like the polo style and the really sharp style of the shoulders, but the pattern design is maybe a little too cool for me, I've not seen this worn at all, and I think I'd need a little inspiration to go for this one especially at the higher price point. I also quite like the cool floaty vibes of the Transparent Skirt (Voile, 28SD's), love the colour and pattern so much, but trying it on in the Plaza is a little disappointing as it doesn't fit the doll right at all, so I'm passing on this one. Thinking about accessories both the M Necklace Gold (Pearls, 16SD's) and the Platform Heel Black (Vinyl, 15SD's) are all over you guys, these are for sure the most popular pieces of the release! They seem to work in a lot of different styles and with a lot of other pieces, so at least something good has come out of this year! My love is for another accessory, the Brooch Heels (Pearls, 16SD's), these are pretty similar to a pair from Subcouture last year so I know it's a style I get on well with. Love the matte design with the chunky strap!

Looking incredibly chic in this first look, Olfaktoria styling up both the M Necklace Gold and the Furry Handbag, but as a cute shoulder fur rather than a bag - that works out pretty nicely! It balances with the gloved well and the stripe works well with the amazing gown. The strapless style really lets the necklace be shown off in the look and I think overall all of the accessories have been perfectly picked!
Next up is Andre1396 also wearing the M Necklace Gold in a little more casual of a styling, it works in a lot of different styles for sure! This dress looks great layered with the sheer top, the necklace is a great topping to that against the casual style of the trainers. Also loving the use of this LV bag, it looks fab here^
And lastly, Jacquemus wearing the Platform Heel Black in a perfect dark Winter styling. The boots really stand out in the look, the slim style of the trousers and the rolled hem really work for that. Then the coat length helps add to this, and I like the balance of the structured shoulders with the chunky platforms. Also loving the strap design on the cross body bag, it adds such a great detailing to the outfit!

I just picked up one piece this time, which I think might be a first? Anyway, I really love the Brooch Heels a lot! The style of them is super pretty and I like the brooch design on them. I styled them up two ways but I think they're pretty versatile so there are a lot more options for them. First up super fitting with an all black style which lets the brooch pop in the look. I kept the standout details minimal, with small gold earrings and the small amount of gold on the bag - in fact I love the combination of the shoes with this bag, can't wait to repeat! For the second look I went on the other end of the colour scale choosing light tones, I think this beige actually works out great with the black! I added other black accessories and that balances out the dark colour really nicely. Each of the accessories also has other gold details on them, so I think they're great choices to pair with the shoes. I love this look a lot - it took a while for me to change out of it! So whilst I only bought one piece from the January HBs, I'm pretty happy with it =)

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