Monday, 27 January 2020

T H E J E T S E T | Release Review

We got a brand new The JetSet release recently - an SS exclusive store which is one that always has some great stylish pieces. The advertising doesn't give anything away, but I like the Rome-vibes, so lets get on and check out the pieces!
Highlights The release is the usual one-floor and it's pretty stuffed, with 7 looks for females and 1 for guys. It's all pretty elegant, I really like this smart style - and there's a lot of colour too, smart doesn't have to be plain in colour! I think this is a very nice release =)
Accessories There is a small collection of accessories with a range of items. In the shoes I really like the look of the Sunny Pumps, a classic black patent heel with a slight pointed toe - a great basic style that will look awesome on everyone. There are 2 bags in the release, I really like the Scarf Bag. It's a super cute small piece with a croc design and a very nice stylish scarf handle - the black and gold chain print is a popular one in RL and it suits the colour of the bag. I love orange so this one is totally up my street! There's a couple of other pieces, the one that catches my eye are the Chain Earrings, with two golden hoops with a tortoiseshell hope in between, these look really great and very trendy, they're great on the doll too.
Clothing I love all of these midi/ankle lengths in the store, they're so attractive, at least to me anyway! There are two dresses, the Lace Orange Dress and Blue Satin Dress which I really like the look of for smart pieces - they're not dresses I see myself getting a lot of wear out of though. But love the lace sheer sleeving on the Orange piece, super pretty^ The Sequin Skirt in a dramatic red is a similar skirting style to the dresses, I like the design of the sequins here, it looks super fun for dressing up and would be cute in a Valentine's look if that's your thing. And in the same length are a pair of trousers, the Checked Trousers which I love! I have quite a few checked trousers, so it's a style I know I can wear. These are a culotte style, but aren't too wide fitting, I like the slighter slimmer fit, and the length really is very nice, great for layering with boots =) It also has a matching Checked Jacket, I'm not such a fan, it's a cropped length and quite a boxed cut. Lastly there are a couple of shirts to mention, both with bow detailing, the Photo Shirt, which is a black and white cropped piece that I'm not a fan of because the print looks very busy, but then the White Bow Blouse which I do really like. It's got quite an oversizing on the body, the bow really adds volume, but it's cropped to allow for a good tucked look^
Prices The release ranges from 7 to 26SD's, with just a couple of pieces at the higher end of the scale, so pretty reasonable prices. As it's The JetSet, the release is limited to SS (and Royalty) members only.
Styled Outfits I picked up a couple of pieces, and I'm pretty happy with everything I got. First up the Checked Trousers, which I styled exactly as I'd imagined, with slouched boots, these make a great pairing! I kept the rest of the look simple with black, and added a fun bag, this one is a great colour match to the trousers while still being a fun piece. Such an easy item to work with! Second up the Blue Shirt which is a super smart piece. I was a little doubtful about this once I started to find pieces to pair with it, it was a little tricky, but navy works nicely. I kept it very simple again, shoes to match trousers and bag to match the shirt - I really like the clutch in this look, so I'll definitely pair it with the shirt again! And finally pairing the Scarf Bag and Chain Earrings and I really couldn't resist going all out with a colour matched look - this pairing of HB's really is quite perfect for this set of accessories! I added the black belt to tie in a little more with both the bag and earrings, and overall I'm very happy with this orange styling!

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