Wednesday, 29 January 2020

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | January 2019

Before we check out the January 2020 Hotbuys, it's time to look back at the January 2019 Hotbuys! This was a summery mix of pieces with some super cool styles included - I really loved this set last year, and it was something fresh to start the year with. I bought quite a lot of the pieces and haven't sold any in the Bazaar just yet. My most worn piece is the Cache Leather Bag which is the pretty chain white bag, it's such an easy one to slip into so many different styles. The Marni Inspired Pumps are a close second, I just find it so easy to wear white shoes! I definitely haven't worn the rest of the pieces as much as I could have, so today I'm styling up the Leather Coat and the Printed Skirt:
I'm so happy I gave these pieces a fresh chance, I love these looks! They work well together and they're definitely something light and fresh for the Winter season. For the first look I took on the pink-hue of the coat into the rest of the look and kept with something quite feminine, the pleating in this skirting is just so pretty and I think the colour works out perfectly. The boots are also a perfect match here, and the lighter blouse highlights the patterning on the coat. All white for the second styling, pairing this folding design of the skirt with a similar idea in the blouse, I really like that balance in the look and I don't so much mind the overall oversizing in this styling. I kept the accessories white too and I think the plain-ness of the base really lets the subtle pattern design on the skirt stand out. These looks have definitely made me think more about these two pieces!

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