Monday, 20 January 2020

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Apologies as this post is coming to you a little late - we enjoyed a Holiday Calendar for the month of December and it was pretty mixed in decor and clothing. For me it's not been the best calendar, but there were a couple of winning pieces included. But first up, some features! MissDark1990 styles the Flared Pants in this super smart styling. I'm really liking the combination of the beige with the grey, I think it looks great and is definitely a unique colour pairing. The white trimming looks fab too and I love the detail added in the brooch on the collar, the pearl earring and the bag - the accessories totally make this one!
Next up Millaxx has gone with the Shoulder Bag in a very fitting look with a perfectly matching sweater^ The bag pops really well against this tan checked blazer, the colour definitely works out nicely and the gold metalwork on the bag really do well in the styling. Love the black trousers and gloves added to tie into the strap of the bag. The sheeny boots are also very cool, they're a different choice for this outfit, but one that actually works out well!
And the final feature, spongep styling the Green Jacket in this very snug looking outfit. The clothing underneath is super minimal, but the off-white colouring really works perfectly with the green tone of the piece. I'm loving everything about the accessories in this styling, so much love for seeing these boots being styled up, really perfect in this look, and the golden earrings are stunning^
And now for my stylings, firstly apologies for having the GOM note on here, I was clearly having a mental block when putting together my looks! But I did pick up quite a few pieces. First up the BF Leather Pants which I thought were a very nice fit and style for the Winter season. They layer up really nicely with a lot of different coats and sweaters, this open one works out well to still show off a lot of the trousers. I kept my look pretty simple as leather and leopard print is a lot in one go, but I'm loving this dinky bag and the sunglasses addition =) Secondly the Shoulder Bag, which I didn't really mean to also style with this green polo, but doesn't it just look awesome?! These smart black trousers give a nice vibe to the look and then I kept the fun with the gold booties, which really help the bag stand out! And finally the Flared Pants and the Natural Pearl Earrings in a super simple neutral look. The teddy coat adds a fun and cosy touch to the styling, but this is one which could be worn with a lot of different outerwear to work all year round for sure.

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