Sunday, 19 January 2020

I N S P I R E D B Y B A L E N C I A G A | Tribute Review

Time for another Tribute store - Balenciaga! It was a bit of a surprise, we were all expecting a different release based on what spoilers had been shown, but this is something fun to have too^
Highlights The release is 2 floors, and has a pretty good mix of male and female looks, with the split at 5 for guys and 6 for the girls - there's also a variety of pieces for the guys, it's not just the same old thing again. I would say that this isn't my favourite Balenciaga release, it's just not quite my preferred style.
Accessories There is a definite lack of accessories in the release, with only shoes! That's a little disappointing, but I'm quite happy with the shoes that there are. The Pointy Low Heels come in both Black and Blue, I really like the style of these, there's a pointed toe, very cute fringed details and the heel height is a very nice one. I also really like the Geo Stripe Heel which are an ankle boot - I adore the square toe on these, I think it looks great and it's flattering on the doll.
Clothing There is quite a focus on dresses in this release, with three to choose from really in very different styles - I love the idea of the Confetti Silver Dress, there's something cool about wearing all that silver, and I really like the loose straight fit of it on the doll, but I'm really not sure how often I would actually wear it. I also really like the Onepiece Turtleneck Long of course because it's navy, I like the knitted design but on it's own I think it's not the most flattering dress, it needs some accessories and additions for sure! I very much gravitate towards the yellow and love both the Big Collar Blouse and Overlapping Pattern Skirt which are in such a beautiful colour^ The Blouse has such a cool design, I love the collar style and the voluminous sleeves along with the fitted waist, and the Skirt is such a sweet piece, I can see it working in so many Spring/Summer looks. And in complete contrast I was also drawn to a dark styling, the pairing of the V Flounce Shirt which has the crazy head-wrapping collar and the Suit Trousers Female. Love the colour of these, it's not super dark, but a very nice deep grey/navy shade that's almost black - I'm not sure I'd get so much wear out of the Shirt, but the Trousers I can definitely do, they're straight legged and not so long so you can show off some shoes with them!
Prices This release ranges from 13 to 36SD's which is pretty much average for a Tribute store. Nothing is SS or Royalty limited, so that is pretty good too.
Styled Outfits I found the pieces very easy to style, which is great - first up the Big Collar Blouse which I knew would work so well with these burnt orange trousers, love the vibe of this pairing, it's a little retro^ I kept the accessories simple and I think this works as a bright year round styling. Second up pairing the Suit Trousers Female and the Geo Stripe Heel, I really love this outfit! Super simple, but I think the pieces stand out well against the solid black of the other clothing items in the styling. I love this bag in the styling because I think the colour goes well with the shoes - I think my doll just looks super classy in this outfit, if it weren't so dark I'd be wearing it regularly all year! And finally the Pointy Black Low Heel paired with an older Balenciaga piece, another super simple outfit, but I think it's an effective one. I love the shoes with this slightly cropped length of the trouser, it shows them off very nicely. The rest of the look is kept simple as I think any additional colours or patterns would draw attention away from the piece. I think these will be an easy pair of shoes to style up in the future!
Features And a few features to share, these are all so cool, everyone is looking great in this collection! First up is turkiye styling the Denim Lined Mens Jacket, which a lot of people have been choosing - I just loved the masculine style paired with the intricate floral print. The colours look great together too, and they're definitely nicely contrasted with the bold green of the bag and the neon of the other accessories^
Then Jacquemus looks super cosy in the Oversized Collar Coat - this is pulling off oversizing to perfection^ The colour is a great fit with the printing on these older-style Balenciaga booties, these pieces are great together. The white trousers add a nice lightness to the styling, and I love the cool frilling added to them hem, so creative and something that will work in many different looks!
And for the final styling, Mia1435 in a very dark dramatic styling featuring the Onepiece Turtleneck Long layered up with leather pieces. I love the navy and black combination, it's one of my favourites and this look does it so well! Love the belting pieces added, they really give a good shape and split to the styling. Also loving those fish-bone earrings and the piercing makeup styling^

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