Sunday, 26 January 2020

V E L V E T O R C H I D | Styled Outfits

The latest Velvet Orchid release had some super nice pieces included, like the design of the Open Hip Dress in a beautiful silk fabric and the Knot Pants in a fantastic red with a cool waist detail and a long wide leg design - but I just picked up one piece to try out this time, the Flared Long Sleeved Shirt. It's quite unlike anything else we've had in the plaza, I loved the ruffling down the front and the sheeny quality to the fabric.
I found this Shirt such a great piece to style, it goes with a lot of my favourite pairs of trousers, and the fit makes it an easy piece to wear tucked. And actually I love the colour on my doll, green can be a hit or miss and this one is a winner for sure. First up with these beige trousers, I like the balance of the blousoning in both pieces, I think it works well. Love the accessories in this look, these boots are a great colour match for the shirt, and they layer well with these trousers too. I found this cool bag in my wardrobe, having totally forgotten about it and I like the brown tone against the green for something quite different for me - I really like it! Then secondly one of my go-to pairs of trousers, I like the V waistline of these with the ruffles on the shirt, it works well with the dark tones too. I really like this super dark bag with the styling, it's not too clear against the jacket, but I'll repeat this sometime. And keeping things a little lighter I added these mixed colour booties from Off-White, I really love them here!

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