Wednesday, 22 January 2020

I N S P I R E D B Y O F F W H I T E | Tribute Review

And our next Tribute of the season was Off-White, which has become a regular on the Tribute scene - not always my favourite, but I do always pick up a couple of pieces that I reach to quite regularly, so lets see if it's a good 'un! I really like the silver advertising for this one, looking super sleek!
Highlights The store is the usual two floors, it's focused on looks for the girls with just two for guys. The silver in the advertising does follow through into the clothing, but I really like the flashes of colour that are all over the store.
Accessories The shoes are what really catch my eye in the store, there's quite a lot to choose from with boots, heels and trainers! I spotted the boots first, both are ankle boots, the Checked Puffy Heel which are in a yellow and grey checked pattern and also the Spot Heel which have almost a tye-dye effect to their colouring which is in such a cool yellow-y/green. I really like both pairs, but I'm not 100% sure on their wearability. I've not seen many people try these out yet either. There are both sandals and traditional heels to choose from, I'm leaning towards the sandals, but all of the pairs have a classic 'tag' trademark that has been in Off-White shoes in the Plaza before. The Lacquered Heels come in both Red and White, with the white having a very cool square toe which really makes me attracted towards them. Both have a really nice look on the doll and will be great in Spring/Summer stylings.
Clothing For sure the clothing in the store is definitely quite different, a lot of things I don't go for myself but I know are popular, and I think everything does fit together quite well. There are quite a few dresses, but the mesh and gown stylings don't so much work for me - I do really like the Oversized Woven Dress though, it's in a beautiful orange silk and I really like the button up shirt style. I also quite like the Braided Details Dress for something more muted, it's in grey and is a highneck sleeveless midi piece, it looks super flattering on the doll too^ The Spotted Ragged Sweater also really catches my eye, I love the colour mix between the blue and the beige, it really looks great, and I quite like the style - my only dislike is the cold shoulder on one side, it's something which doesn't always work for me in stylings. So I'm still thinking about this one! The coats in the store are pretty out there in styles, they're for the brave people I'm sure! The Silver Puffy Jacket is a long puffer style piece, I've only seen it worn once (in the feature below) and it does look cool, but I'm still not sure it's for me. I am quite considering the Pink Arm Coat after spotting one of our features, I like the flash of the pink and red and the black outlining in the design, along with the cream base of the coat - I think it will make a good Spring piece.
Prices This release ranges from 10 to 30SD which I think it pretty average for Tribute releases. Nothing is SS or Royalty limited which is also good. The store will only be available for a short time more though!
Styled Outfits I focused on the accessories with this release. Firstly pairing the Glitter Clutch and the Laqcered White Strap Heels, I really loved the idea of a blue suit with this bag, sadly I don't have the perfect jacket but I adore these trousers with both of the pieces, the Bag pops and the Sandals really stand out with the square toe. I kept the look simple with a smart shirt, I really like the vibes of this one^ Secondly the Spot Heel, I don't think this is the best look for them, so I'm a little annoyed that I didn't try for longer with them, because I've since styled them in a couple of other looks and loved them! I liked the balance of this yellow sweater against the boots to hold the colour more in the styling, and these blue glasses for the colour in the boots too - I'll show them off better next time, promise! And finally the Lacquered Heels in such a typical 'me' styling. They looked so great with these floral trousers, the red flowers really stands out with the addition of the shoes and the bag and glasses, I love it^ I kept a super simple top because it's all about the bottom half in this styling =D

Features Next up for the features, some super fun stylings with this collection! Andre1396 looks great in the Oversized Woven Dress, I love the orange hue to the overall look, the fishnets look fab and the booties are everything^ The red bag is also very fitting with the colour palette and the gold hardwear works well with the hopped earrings, love it!
Secondly we have tara_1994 wearing the Furry Snow Heels and the Web Dress in a very cool and colourful styling! This is a piece that needs layering and this styling ticks all those boxes, I love it with this asymmetrical blazer-dress, the pieces work well to highlight the best parts of each, and the white and red pieces over the rest of the look are the perfect complements =D
Turkiye also styles the Web Dress, and includes the Silver Puffy Jacket and the Lacquered Heels - I love it! The white and silver look great together and I think both really manage to hold their own in the styling. I love the belt bag layering, the red is the perfect flash of colour to add. Also loving the sunglass and earring additions, these are perfect final touches^ 
And for the final look rob_sef7 styles up the Pink Arm Coat in this neutral styling and extra pink highlights^ Love the totally neutral silky base, looks great alone but is a perfect fit for this jacket. The pink accessories are a great touch, they're all quite small so they don't overwhelm anything, and I love the choices, these shoes are a great mix of colours and their inclusion makes me wanna wear mine right now!

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