Saturday, 18 January 2020

S U B C O U T U R E | Release Review

Time for another Subcouture weekend! These are for sure one of my favourites as they're limited pieces, but we have the luxury of some time to think if we really want to buy or not^ The advertising is pretty minimal, but shows both male and female choices in the release.
Highlights The release is two floors, with 3 looks for the guys and 8 for the girls - it's definitely leaning a little more to balance. I really quite like the look of this at first glance, there's a lot of neutral tones which will work well in a lot of outfits and styles which is something I like a lot!
Accessories There are some really great accessories in this release, I think this collection hits a good spot with them. For me in terms of shoes, the Congac Heel booties are what stand out first, I love an ankle boot and a pointed toe, and these have a very cool colour to them. They're quite Autumnal though, so they'll be good in the next Autumn/Winter season too for sure. There are only two bags in the release, but I love them both - the Croc Clutch is such a cool piece in a very current gathered style. I like the croc pattern and the colour is awesome, really stand out. And then also the Extra Bag based on a popular Louis Vuitton design, it's a great bag in RL so I'm delighted to have one for my doll. The bag has the classic colouring with gold hardwear, but a very nice dark green strap, I love that detail!
Clothing Ok so there's a few pieces which are a it of a 'miss' and some repeat styles, but still some nice items in this release. The dresses are what catch my eye first, both the Wrinkle Dress in white with a cool cut design, and the Dreamy Creamy Dress which is a strappy slinky silk piece - I really like the neckline design and the draped sleeves of the Wrinkle Dress, it looks super unique and a great Spring/Summer piece to style up with so many different accessories. Also love that both a midi length, perfect for the current trends! I also quite liked the Spaghetti Jumpsuit, it's also in a cream neutral colour and I like the strapped design, the leg length comes to just above the knee, and it has some really pretty lace detailing on the bottom half. My only doubt is the leg length, it seems a little awkward so I need to think about this one a little! In the store it's paired very nicely with the Cloud Blouse which is just beautiful - minimal but super stylish^ The last pieces to mention is the co-ord of the Transparent Sleeve Blazer and Feather Pants, I love these navy based pieces together, the overall style is pretty cool and something different with the sleeves on the Blazer and the feathering detail on the Pants. I just have a little hesitation about them, which is tough because I love navy - with the Pants they're wider around the hips and then super skinny by the time they get to the ankle, which is a style I know I don't get on with unfortunately, I'm a little more leaning towards the Blazer, but the hem is really designed to go with the trousers, with a wider fit. But still some time to think about it -let me know what you think about the piece!
Prices This release ranges from 12 to 47SD's, nothing is SS or Royalty limited - the only limit is that the pieces are for sale only this weekend.
Styled Outfits I styled up everything that I bought this time. First up the Turtle Neck Extra Warm Male, which fits well on the female doll. I like the black trim and V neck detail, in this styling I've layered it and I love it with a polo beneath. All of the black in the styling makes the colour of the sweater really pop out. In the second styling, I've used both the Extra Bag and the Dreamy Creamy Dress, I love the untucked shirt and the long lengths in the look, I think it looks very cool and the layering is fab to draw the eye to different parts of the outfit. I really like the colour combination in this, I can't wait to wear it again! And lastly pairing the Congac Heel and Croc Clutch, while the colours aren't a match, I think they both look great against the white base, they really pop out.
Features And then a couple of features to share - first K3nzia styling many pieces, the Spaghetti JumpsuitCloud Blouse, Extra Bag and the Universe Earring, a perfect model for the release I'd say^ The pieces work together nicely, I love the brown tone of the bag with the cream of the look so much. The boot choice is amazing, I'd never have been brave enough to choose these but they are perfect with the outfit! And the beauty look, what great makeup =D

And secondly streetstyle choosing the Dreamy Creamy Dress and the Oversized Cardigan in a look that is very 'me'! I love the addition of this snake print shirt, it's really a great colour and style fit for both of the pieces. The gold accessories are perfect finishing touches too, super classy styling^

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