Tuesday, 21 January 2020

A N T I D O T E | Release Review

Ok so another of a little delayed post, looking back to our most recent Antidote release! We had a pretty good chunk of time as warning for this one, so everyone was ready for it when it did come out. The advertising is pretty fun, I like the rainbow vibes on the street wall a lot^
Highlights The release has 2 floor with 7 looks for the girls and 3 for the guys. And boy was this release snapped up quick! It was popular for sure and a lot of pieces sold out very quickly, so I missed a couple of pieces I would have liked, but I'm still happy with what I did get. The style is very street, so pretty fitting for the Antidote brand, and looking individually, the pieces do cover a range of colours and styles, so likely a little something for everyone.
Accessories There are quite a few accessories in this release. I'm really drawn to the shoes, there's a pretty wide range of styles here. Boots are the focus, I really like the vibes of both the over knee pairs, the Over Knee Boots Square in navy with a cool white boxed pattern, and the Ornate High Boots which have a very cool studded detail all over them. I also love the Pattern Heels For Win with their orange-y animal-esque vibe to them, they look great and I was lucky to get them for sure! There are one pair of heels, the Make My Day Heels, I love these too, that pink colour is all kinds of fabulous, and if trainers are more your thing there are the Sneak Peak Shoe which are in a very nice neutral colour which I think works very nicely. Of the bags only one really caught my eye, the Green Bag Yes, I like the mixed green and black colouring on the base of a box bag, it's something pretty unique. There are also some jewellery pieces included, these aren't so much my thing, but I think the Royal Chain necklace does look beautiful, the gold and the ruby jewels are stunning together!
Clothing I would say overall the clothing isn't so much my thing - but I also missed out on a lot of it as it sold very quickly, I don't mind so much though. There are more casual vibes here than anything else, maybe except the Jacket Dress which is a pretty nice and classy piece, I like the belting and the jacket-side design a lot. The Off Shoulder Coat is in a similar style, it's an oversized trench coat in the classic beige tone - and I've been seeing it everywhere on dolls, so it sure is popular! It's a cool piece, it's not for me, but I love seeing all the different ways you guys have been wearing it. The Can I Reach Now sweater does catch my eye because it's cool bright orange colour. I like the oversizing to it, but I don't like the shredded hem so much. And the one piece I really did quite like and would have definitely bought, the High Waist Flarred Pants, which sold out super quick. These are in a beige check and are fitted at the waist with a very wide leg by the hem. Not always a style I wear, but one I love seeing, hopefully I'll be able to pick these up in the bazaar!
Prices This release ranges from 14 to 71SD's with most pieces being very affordable. The store as usual was a limited release, and available for SS only.
Styled Outfits I bought a few of the accessories and am very happy with my stylings, I'm really pleased with trying some different pieces than normal for me. First up the Pattern Heels For Win which I've really kept in a lowkey style, I love the black clothing base as the colour of the boots really pop out. I love choosing something different, so I was happy to pulls out this coat, I think it works pretty well with the boots even though not a perfect colour match. And then super simple black accessories to finish - I think it works out super well! Secondly the Make My Day Heels in a very contrasting and super bright styling, but I kinda love it so much! I was desperate to wear this LE shirt and the matching trousers since my LE wardrobe series back in December, sadly the trousers covered too much of the shoes, so I had to settle for one of my favourite pairs which are a perfect length for these shoes, I love the strap positioning on these a lot and that it's not an ankle one^ The colour is as stunning as I'd hoped, and I think it's a great fit with the print on this shirt, and of course I continued that with an almost matching bag, for sure a dreamy combination! And finally the Green Bag Yes which is back in a little more of a minimal outfit - the black in the bag makes it easy to wear with black, which for sure helps the slight mis-matching of the colours of the bag and trousers, but I think it works out well enough that I want to wear the combination again. I even added some earrings to work out with the little gold details on the bag =D

Features Of course for the features now, this has seemed a pretty popular collection with you guys! This look is from GirlEwelina wearing the High Waist Flarred Pants and Sneak Peak Shoes. I think the look is made super classy with this furry stole piece, the earrings, and the long leather gloves, they seem an odd choice but they look great in the outfit! I like the belt added to define the waist and I think the bag is a very fitting choice, love it^
In this second styling Lula.Osorio goes all in for the orange with the Can I Reach Now sweater and the Pattern Heels For Win booties, I love it! I'm a huge orange fan but I'm not sure I could pull off a look like this^ The boots look great, and you can still tell the pattern even while mostly covered by the trousers. This is such a great look for the Spring or Autumn, a great transitional outfit =) 
And for the final look, Mia1435 wearing the Over Knee Boots Square and the Checked Waist Bag again in a very nice navy and black combination. The boots are perfectly poised to pop in the look with the split in the navy skirting of the dress used, I love that^ And the navy coat with the wide open style helps too. Love the use of the black leather shirt, I think it's a perfect choice here for sure!

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