Sunday, 14 May 2017

We Wear Hotbuys M A Y | Sheer Lace Maxi Dress

And here is our next Hotbuy, ready for the summer poolside I think! This is the Sheer Lace Maxi Dress from Fallen Angel and it costs 21SD's. I have to say I wasn't entirely looking forward to this piece as I think it will be tricky for my doll to wear well, but once it's on, it looks better than I expected! I really like the length of it, just about to the ankles, and I like the 3/4 length sleeves. The sheer aspect isn't as sheer as some pieces, so this is definitely an advantage to this dress =)
This one surprises me, it's much better than I had anticipated and I found it easy to put together in a look that wasn't too revealing - I really do especially love the sleeves on this piece, maybe I'm the only one! And remember to vote in the poll: