Sunday, 21 May 2017

T H E J E T S E T | Release Review / / #MYSUITESUNDAY

And more decor! I decided I'd just get all the decor and suite related releases out of the way in this mammoth My Suite Sunday day and here is the next one - The Jet Set with a whole floor of Decor! The homepage advert looks very cool and swishy stylish and shows off a range of items with a bright and current feel to it, I think it gives great vibes for the whole floor!
Collection I really love this collection as there is such a golden hue just exuding from the whole floor of the release! The Montecito Interior is a great open room to play around with and style and is very much a trendy blank canvas to work with. The wooden floor is great and I love the symmetrical doors and the fresh view they provide. The gold theme is followed in a lot of the pieces, firstly in furniture with the Geometrical Side Table and also with the accessories of the 3 Vintage Vases, Golden Table Lamp and Floor Glass Brass Lighting. I never really know how to best use lighting and lamps in decorating, so I kind of avoid them, but maybe I should try these out! The main furniture items are pretty versatile and give a lot of styling options, with the Beige Sofa, Upholstery Armchair Footstool, Round Ottoman and Concrete Coffee Table - again, coffee tables scare me in decorating, I just can't figure out how to make them look good, so I've stuck with the seating this time! The textiles are super pretty, just love the Set Of 3 Cushions, perfect design, and also the planting and flowers with the Seagrass Belly Baskets and Flowers And Books - now just to figure out how to best use these pieces in my suite!
Prices As this is The Jet Set, it is an SS only store, which we all know going into it, but the prices all range from 8 to 30SD's, however it is only the interior at the top end of this scale. I think everything is pretty reasonable and the prices fit in with other prices of similar decor stores. Everything is designed well and looks good so I have no problem with the prices of any of the items.
# M Y S U I T E S U N D A Y I was very unsure whether to purchase the Montecito Interior or not, I think it is definitely the best place for all of these furniture items to fit well, but I do have a lot of interiors that I don't use so after a search through them I found that this Chanel one seemed a pretty good fit too - I particularly liked the black windows as they really open up the option for styling the dark frame of the Beige Sofa and also the Round Ottoman - so that's what I did! I centred the room on them and I think they both fit very nicely into this interior, I'm glad it worked out! I didn't put too much into the room as I wanted a reasonable focus on these new items, but I think for just a short time, I styled it pretty well^ I kept up with the darker furniture theme and included this Rhino Chair from an old LE collection - I think the quilting fits well with the Ottoman style. I also included just a few little trinkets, centred around the The Jet Set Picture, including the Set of Vintage Vases and I like how this little set of pieces looks together.