Friday, 19 May 2017

Styling styles

Lots of looks in one for this next feature straight from pandaribbon! I always love her set-up and she does this '4 look styling' scene for all the new releases and this one is no exception to the awesomeness^ This is based on the recent Subcouture release and I think such an amazing job has been done =) I love the range of themes and styles followed in the different looks and I think it covers the whole release very well. Particular stand outs for me include the use of the grey plaid trousers with the silver shimmering top and leopard printed plastic jacket - so much going on yet it's been achieved so well! - and the final look making great use of leopard print again, this time paired with a minimal pinafore dress, those shells stand out and I think this look is a great sell for a piece that I was pretty ok with overlooking previously!