Saturday, 27 May 2017

We Wear Hotbuys M A Y | Balenciaga Inspired Raffia

More HB accessories and the start of a little Hotbuy flurry until the end of the month^ This is the Balenciaga Inspired Raffia from Bizou costing 16SD's. I think it's a suitable summer piece with the basket weave style and I quite like the vibe that the dark handle brings to the lighter colour of the body of the bag. It's definitely quite a nice piece, and pretty versatile, I think it will work well for a lot of people =)
I think we've successfully shown reasonable versatility with our looks for this bag. I think some great wedges with a straw style heel would be perfect, I have a pair in mind but I don't think they exist on Stardoll sadly^ Anyway, plenty of clothing choices to go for with this piece and it's worth a go if you're even just contemplating buying it! And vote in the poll as usual: