Thursday, 4 May 2017

9 TO 5 | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

The 9 to 5 store has never been one that hugely catches my attention, the pieces just aren't entirely for me in terms of the whole collections, there seems to be a lot more misses than hits with this store. We recently got a new set of pieces from this store and I managed to pick some things up but also spotted some of you guys absolutely wow-ing in them! First up is aby400 wearing the Scientist Laboratory Coat in this cool sports-luxe type style. I think it stands out well against the black and yellow, but these trousers are perfect with just that little stripe of white down the leg too. The coat is suited well to wider trousers with the open hem, so I think that's a definite bonus point for it^
And then we have Marta-43 who is styling the Scientist Sneakers, a pretty pastel pink pair of trainers^ I love this up-styling of the trainers, I think it suits them well and the white and large ruffled sleeves makes the outfit pop. I do love the glamorous accessories in the bag and earrings, spot on =D
So I also bought the Scientist Laboratory Coat and I found a lot of different pieces that could have worked with it, in fact a lot of sporty styles, so I think that's a winner for this piece! In the end I went with these cool striped trousers which don't contrast too much with their inclusion of white stripes. Also loving the silver bag with this coat, I think it stands out really nicely. And secondly I bought the Programmer Strap Sneakers which are a great basic pair of shoes to have in your collection. I like the off-white colouring to them, and of course the casual feel they can add to a look. I ended up staying super casual and choose these denim dungarees - I like the rolled hem as I think it highlights the ankles and shoes^