Monday, 29 May 2017

A N T I D O T E | Release Review

Our newest limited store to hit the Plaza was this snappy new Antidote release on Friday! The homepage advert is bright, vibrant and flashy and certainly attention grabbing. It gives a good idea of the styles the store includes and looks very modern and current in trends, certainly exciting =D
Highlights Now I have to say I've never always been a fan of Antidote, for me it's quite hit or miss with the styles it includes in fitting in with my likes and style ideas - but I think this one is alright, sure there's pieces that I wouldn't wear but on the most part this is a pretty decent release. Plus it helps that it's on a pretty pink interior design!
Accessories There's quite a good range of accessory pieces available in this store along with the usual shoe and bag choices. There's also quite a range of styles from high fashion, with the Marble Effect Sunglasses, Large Glitter Tassel Earrings and Twisted Huge Hoops, and then street style like the Sequin Trucker Cap and Edgy Electric Blue Sunglasses. Considering I'm not a huge earring person, I'm quite impressed with these pairs in the store, almost enough to make me think about trying to style earrings more! There are 3 bags, the Balenciaga Inspired Carry All Bag, the Valentino Inspired Studded Suede Bag - which is my favourite - and the Antidote Camera Bag, a style which I've noticed a lot more in RL and been quite liking, but I don't like the logo so much on this piece which I think others may feel mutual about. I didn't feel attracted to any of the shoes, which are all boots, this time, and I haven't seen many people styling them either, the Philip Lim Inspired Zip Boots seem the best of the bunch and do remind me a lot of older styles from the Plaza.
Clothing So now the clothing, with a huge range of colours and styles and choice! There are quite a few sheer-styled pieces and in a range of items, which is pretty good, there's the Transparent Shoulder Tshirt and Tulle Lilac Top in tops, the Silver Sprinkle Ski Style Pants and Fishnet Pants, which I totally can't get enough of, great shape and super flattering, in the bottomhalves category and then the Belted Mesh Dress which is a pretty classy piece for a sheer dress! As from the Tulle Lilac Top you'll also notice that lilac-y/lavendar-y/grey-ish tones have a prominence in the store too - firstly with the little group on the second floor with the Tassels And Shoulders Bodycon Dress, Shimmering Utility Jacket (a piece I'm regretting not buying because the shimmer and colour is pretty awesome) and Lilac Sequins Kimono Dress, and then extended with the pale greys, which really do categorise well with the lilacs, mainly with the High Neck Embellished Sweatshirt and Embellished Loose Sweatpants. The next little trend included is printing with the Cherry Blossom Silk Dress and Tulip Mini Skirt which a gorgeous pieces, very pretty and classic while in current styles and trends. I think they've been pretty popular with everyone, including me! I'm such a huge fan of yellow so that was the first thing that caught my eye, but I also like the flatting fit of the pieces and the way they will definitely make a look pop out in the crowd! I think there's a lot of scope there for an interesting styling! And lastly who could forget the gingham! Albeit there are just a couple of pieces, the Gingham Denim Corset Shirt, Gingham Cotton Shorts and the Belted Gingham Shirt Dress this is a good inclusion of the popular trend, and they sold out super quickly! The open neck styles are current and popular and I think they look good on the doll - I'm sure we'll be seeing these items styled for most of this summer =)
Prices The collection is all SS only, which I think is in line with previous releases, and prices range from 28 to 105SD's, and on the most part I think things are quite well priced. A few things did cause my eyebrows to raise a little but prices are fine on the whole.
Styled Outfits I bought quite a few different items to try out from the store and here are 3 of my looks! First up the High Neck Embellished Sweatshirt which I really went with with the silver - I think the glittered skirt makes the look stand out. I also liked the casual style of the coat with the top and this combination is definitely something I'd try out again. And then its counterpart, the Embellished Loose Sweatpants which I'm having mixed feelings for now, as well as this look. I like the jacket with the trousers as the sleeves make a pretty decent fit, but I don't think this style suits me in the slightest! Hmm, back to the drawing board with these ones I think! And lastly pairing the Cherry Blossom Silk Dress and Tulip Mini Skirt - this was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this dress and I love the frilled edging the skirt can add to the look! I definitely felt confused about how best to accessorise but I really liked how the grey/silver bag worked out with the print^
Features And now a couple of features to end the post - and they're pretty fab^ Firstly is Isabella8103 going all out gingham with the Gingham Denim Corset Shirt. It really was the denim part to the piece which I didn't like and this styling solves that easily! The belts are great and fitting to the overall style. I don't find the mix-match of gingham too much, it's pretty perfect =)
And then secondly is pandaribbon, who has very speedily gone and style 4 fabulous looks! I couldn't just pick one because they're all great for the individual pieces and they show the versatility and range the items really do have. I particularly like the floral midi dress made darker and paired with the Eyelets Galore Vest and also all those perfect pink accessories matched with the Cherry Blossom Silk Dress =)