Sunday, 28 May 2017

Metallic Creepers | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

I spotted this awesome styling by Sharik. recently styling the PopShop Metallic Creepers - these were a piece I wasn't convinced that worked for me at all, even though they were fab and silver and metallic ... so I tried them on after this look and I think I've changed my mind^ I really liked the casual styling to Sharik.'s outfit, the culottes fit well but the washed denim of the coat also looks surprisingly good. I love that it's mostly a minimal styling, with a simple black shoulder bag and light mesh socks used - those socks are pretty fab though! For my styling I was pretty determined the make use of this silver-shimmered jacket even though it's more of a winter piece. It was then a bit of a toss up as to what to add to the two pieces, and this simple black look was what came out - I definitely think crops work well with these shoes to show them off, and that detailing, they really are an intricately designed pair of shoes that should have some limelight!