Monday, 8 May 2017

P R E T T Y ' N L O V E | Release Review

I was very pleased to see a new Pretty 'N Love release last week, hoping it's the end of a somewhat drought that Stardoll has been going through. The pieces on the homepage gave me a good first impression and the advert is very much fitting in with the typical Pretty 'N Love vibe that we usually get =)
Highlights So I definitely had good first impressions from the first items which were on the homepage. I was a little disappointed once checking out the rest of the store, but nevertheless I think it's a decent release for the Plaza.
Accessories The usual small amount of accessories for a one-floor release, with a little of everything available. There are heels and flats, the Ruffle Heeled Sandals which I wasn't really a fan of from afar but I really like up close, definitely a stylish piece, and then the Metallic Nude Brogues which aren't so much my style but I've seen a few people wear quite nicely. There are also a pair of socks, the Pink Sheer Spots Socks which are pretty cute - I haven't mastered the socks with anything trend yet, so I'll leave that to the pro's but they're definitely a nice Plaza addition. There's also the Blush Chain Cross Body Bag, which I don't think is anything too special, and the Shopper Tulips Bag, which is alright, but not something I can see myself getting good use of.
Clothing I think there are a couple of great items in the clothing of this release, but on the whole there are a few too many pairs of shorts for me. They're not something I wear on Stardoll a lot and they're not an item I go out of my way to style, they don't really suit me or fit into my wardrobe either. There are 4 pairs of shorts, 5 if you include the skirt which looks like shorts as well - which is a lot for a collection which only has 15 clothing items in it to start with! I do like the emphasis on florals and blues though, the print on the Embroidered Shorts and their matching Emboridered Blouse is pretty sweet, I just would prefer it on a different item! The baby blue High Waisted Shorts With Belt is also matched with the Flared Cropped Top, and unfortunately it just doesn't suit me at all, maybe it's my dolls tan skin tone, but the colour doesn't look good on her! The style is cute, and I think some people will wear it well. There are a couple of dresses and one-pieces, with the dresses both shorter pieces and the jumpsuit being longer. The Bow Front Mini Dress has a prom-esque feel to it especially with it's sheeny material, not something I'd really wear but it's a sweet piece. Then there's the summery Stripe Dress which I quite like. The style is well fitting and I think the colour and design will make it popular this season. And the bright magenta Jumpsuit With Shoulder Detail definitely stands out in its shocking colour choice, again this piece has a nice fit and design and I think it will be popular in the summer - now I just want this piece in trouser form to wear! Speaking of trousers, the Frill Hem Tailored Trousers are definitely one of my favourites from this store. Great colour, fantastic design and super trendy right now, I couldn't ask for anything more to refresh my trouser collection =) And lastly my other favourite from this release, the Spring Shoulder Detailed Jacket, as the name suggests it's ideal for Spring and it really adds to my outerwear selection as Spring pieces are hard to come by I think! Plus when I purchased this it also came with the little insert so you can fill in the back of the piece, which is fab and something most do anyway, so that was great and made me give an extra nod of approval to the jacket!
Prices This store ranges from 4 to 22SD's with most items quite happily in the middle of the range and it's on par with previous releases. There's a couple of pieces in SC's and also a couple for SS only, but I don't think that takes away from the good pieces this release has =)
Styled Outfits I was so excited to style my two favourites from this release. First up the Spring Shoulder Detailed Jacket and I was quite willing to style it with a dress as a continuation of the longer length of the piece. This light maxi is perfect in colour match but also helps to highlight the best aspects of the jacket. I love how easily gold pairs with this colour, so a clutch and sunglasses were the only accessories needed^ And then the Frill Hem Tailored Trousers which I have a lot of different ideas for, this time I went with frilly lace to compliment the hems and I really like how this shirt works and gives the impression of a belt at the waist. Layering the shirt with the puffed sleeved blouse is nice and I like the volume the sleeves add to the style =)
Features And for some awesome features - these 3 really did an amazing job of wearing the collection! First up is Mh91 going with the Flared Cropped Top which very much suits this style unlike it did on me! It pairs well with the navy blue of the skirts and also the slightly brighter blue of the off shoulder top beneath it - this is one layering work of art! The shapes of the pieces all compliment each other well and I think it works nicely to highlight the new release =)
Secondly pandaribbon, who actually styled 4 looks from this release but I've just snapped this one (it's hard to pick a favourite, all the pieces are styled well!) with the Pretty N Love Tshirt and Pink Sheer Spots Socks and I think this is just the epitome of the Pretty 'N Love store, all feminine and girly and fun! I think there's not too much going on with the spots and the florals of the blazer, in fact this is a great style for it, I love it with the skirt especially, and totally kicking myself for not wearing it like this^
And last but not least is twittersred wearing the Spring Shoulder Detailed Jacket with the insert piece included. The nude trousers are a great fit with the jacket, but I adore the use of lace, particularly at the sleeves where it can shine through the cutout shoulder and really emphasise the detail, plus it's continued in the pretty shoes!