Tuesday, 30 May 2017

We Wear Hotbuys M A Y | Floral Printed Sunglasses

And finally our final HB for May! These HBs sure have extended throughout the month this time =) These are the Floral Printed Sunglasses from RIO and cost 13SD's. To be honest these are the HB this month which easily slip my mind, they don't really sell to me from the advertising and I can't see myself wearing them at all ... totally selling this one well aren't I?! The flowers are definitely pretty but I don't think they work right with the style of the sunglasses unfortunately - maybe they will look better on the doll? Take a look!
Yep, still not a piece that I'm a fan of - didn't really enjoy styling them and I doubt I'd wear them again, sorry to bring a disappointing review! Vote in our poll though, the others have certainly done better than I have: