Sunday, 21 May 2017

B A S I C S D E C O R | Release Review / / #MYSUITESUNDAY

It was a little while ago now, but Stardoll has recently brought us a brand new BASICS collection to the Plaza, this time a Decor one! I decided to save this post for a Sunday so as well as giving my review of the release I'll also combine it with my suite design of the pieces^ I think the homepage ad gives a good introduction to the store and highlights some key interior trends that are currently circulating so definitely makes me excited!
Collection The collection is pretty minimal and focused I think with this release. I really like each piece as it is, and I'm quite happy with the smaller release rather than each of the pieces coming in numerous different colours, plus everything here fits with current popular interior trends and will keep people happy! The Birch Wood Dining Table and matching Bench are perfectly 'Scandi' and will fit a lot of different interior styles, but most importantly with the light white aesthetic that is very popular. These pieces are easy to dress up with different trinkets, like the Blue Handmade Glass Vase or the Milky Glass Potted Olive Plant (or take some inspiration from my recent post on plants^). And most of the pieces do offer up the opportunity to get creative with their plain base colour or design, like the little set of stacking tables in both Small and Medium sizes, and the Modern Clean Light Grey Sofa. It's such a simple seating piece that there are so many options to choose for it with textiles and extras^ The sets of curtains, in Light, Grey and Dark, are a fabulous addition to the store and Plaza and I think will be a regular purchase for many people for many different suite styles. 
Prices This really is an affordable collection. Everything is priced in SC's and ranges between 120 and 285SC's, which is great! Now I just need some more coins because there are more pieces I want to get for my suite, plus little pieces like a lot of those Milky Glass Potted Olive Plants to have on hand in storage!
Feature I did find one suite that really highlighted the new pieces, and that is this room from visennamm =) I like the use of the darker furniture while the room still feels quite airy and light, I think the spread of the pieces works really well. The Shades Of Grey Carpet fits in beautifully and the lighter tone is highlighted with lighter decor pieces including the Milky Glass Potted Olive Plant and the flowers in the centre - I just love it!
# M Y S U I T E S U N D A Y I made use of two rooms in my styling this decor release, one of which is starting out and the second which was just adding to what was already there. The Modern Clean Light Grey Sofa is a good main piece for a room, and it was easy to add some cushions to, including the Round Pattern Cushion, and to spruce up with a little plantlife from the Milky Glass Potted Olive Plant. The tables, both Small and Medium were easy to fit into a room I've already worked with and I think it's a nice addition to introduce more little bits and pieces, like the Blue Handmade Glass Vase. This is something I'll add to from time to time when inspiration strikes^