Tuesday, 4 October 2016

We Wear Hotbuys O C T O B E R | Balenciaga Bracelet

Our next HB has reached us, and we're barely into the month! This is the Balenciaga Bracelet from Fallen Angel and it is priced at 14SD's. Maybe a tad expensive, but should we take into account the designer-inspired nature?! I don't know! Anyway, it's a pretty easy piece to work into looks, it has that great versatility factor that we all want with jewellery so I think it will get plenty of wear!
We really have worked a range of looks with the 3 of ours - hopefully this will provide you with some inspirations for your own stylings of this bracelet =D For me, these shoes couldn't have been a better fit with the piece^ And vote in the poll too:

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