Saturday, 29 October 2016

Michelin Man

It's not my usual style, but out of a lack of recent inspiration, I've been trying to style some of the pieces I don't really use or I've been unsure of. 

Sometimes, the best way to reinvigorate something is to resize it. For me, resizing this SNTA Jacket larger and the wide leg trousers a touch smaller already makes me much happier with them on my doll's body. 

All I need to do now is to learn to pair more colours together instead of just with black eh?

Ingredients / You Will Need
femdem jacket | Museum Mile
Billowing Black Trousers | Callie's Picks
LS Sheer Top | Callie's Picks
Black Rebel Top | Velvet Orchid
Black Turtleneck Sweater | Mr.
Faux Leather Cap | Original Future
Hot Buys Gucci Inspired Square Sunglasses | Pretty 'n' Love
Madisyn Shipman Circle Bag | Young Hollywood
Patent Runway Heels | Runway

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