Monday, 10 October 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #83

Starting this week off with a challenge post, this time featuring a whole lot - a trio of orange pieces! I should have planned better and done two duos with the last challenge post but nevermind^ These pieces range from 'I use a lot' to 'I bought and never used', so I think this is a good set for the challenge. On the left we have the PPQ Orange Lips Clutch from PPQ, a piece I surprisingly love styling^ I've worn it in so many different combinations but not with navy yet, and this sweater is a great pick for that with the cute trim. In the middle is a piece I've tried to wear a few times, but probably could wear more, the SubCouture Patent Vanity Case, and I really think it's the slightly different shape that has put me off. Colour is awesome, and it's a good size though, I think it looks good in this styling^ And lastly the piece I've not worn, the Callie's Picks (orignally Stardoll And The City) Orange Handbag, another piece that the shape is a bit different and possibly offputting. I do like it in this look though, so I think it just needs perseverance to get the right matches in terms of clothing =D
I didn't plan this, but all the outfits are very similar ... I think that says a lot about my style choices, haha! Let me know in comments what you think^

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