Saturday, 8 October 2016

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Friday brought us a brand new release of Subcouture after a bit of an empty week on Stardoll! However the Subcouture was a little ... less than expected unfortunately! I usually really quite like the releases and find quite a few new pieces to add to my wardrobe, this time everything was very on the opposite end of my likes scale - and I get the same feeling from quite a few people. I did give the store a fair chance and spent some good time looking at each piece individually and seeing what I could do - and for once, jewellery came out on top =D I did also make a couple of clothing purchases to see how I get on with clothing outside of my comfort zone! 
Features There were so many dolls wearing the pieces so well even when they seem a little unconventional! Hopefully they provide you with some inspiration if there were items you haven't been so sure about =D
This first look is from bay_watch11 who is wearing the Velvet Emerald Slit Skirt. It's a colour I love and think is great for the season, and the texture too, but that is one very large slit! I think it's been handled well in this look and it's pretty classy^ I like the white top and added straps to keep it a little summery, but the accessories totally rock! Those earrings are perfect for the style and the bag and heels work well for the skirt.
Secondly is lollapalooxa wearing the Cage Knit Sweater in this cool street casual style. I really like it tucked into the jeans like this because I think the quite long length put me off this piece, but it's nice in this look. Obviously it needs something underneath, this black bralet is a classic choice which works very well =D
Third on the lineup is Mia1435 (I think we all expected this though) in this very opulent-styled look with the Velvet Bodysuit in this great emerald colour. It suits the other metallics and jewel tones incredibly well, it's like a perfect match to everything here, especially those trousers!
A vision in pink with this next look from natusia_182 wearing the Cold Shoulder Fringe Knit. I love the high neck collar on this one, but the sleeves put me off - they are perfect in this styling though! The dress is such a good choice for this knit and it really highlights it's features well. The black accessories fit well too despite the huge colour contrast!
And finally for the features, pandaribbon choosing to wear the Blue Tiger Scarf, but as a belt - I love it! It's the perfect way to wear the piece to let it stand out. Against the white it's perfect, and this PPQ jacket is awesome with it! Accessories are also spot on with the blue and white choices - no more words other than perfection for this =D
Styled Outfits So as I mentioned before jewellery in this release gets a big tick from me! I love both the Four Stone Silver Necklace and the Gold Ball Hoops which I've styled in these two looks. I found it easy to find clothing which worked well for and with the pieces, going with complimentary yellow and blacks for the necklace and then beige and nude tones for the earrings:
And then the clothing - so I decided to try out the Metal Embellished Skirt and the Edgy Shoulder Bomber both pieces I think people wouldn't relate to my style immediately! I was really surprised at how much I liked styling both these pieces and I'm very glad that I bought them to try out. With the skirt I stuck with blacks to let the metallic embellishments stand out, I loved using this velvet cami which came out in a previous SubCouture release. With the jacket, I'd already thought about using these trousers earlier in the day and decided to give this green-pairing a go, it gets a thumbs up from me! I love the polo too filling any space at the neck and I kept accessories minimal.

Let me know what you think of the SubCouture, the features, and my looks in the comments below =D 

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