Saturday, 15 October 2016

We Wear Hotbuys O C T O B E R | Valentino Platforms

Our next Hotbuy is here, and it's a super glamorous one! These are the Valentino Platforms from Fallen Angel and they cost 20SD's. Expensive for a standard HB, but they are Valentino inspired, had they been in a Valentino Tribute store they would have been at least that price or more, which is something I think we need to consider. They have a great red colour, and a stylish platform style - although we have had fairly similar pairs from HB's in the past! Let's see how we styled them:
Florals seem to be a popular choice with this pair, and it also seemed obvious to make other red choices in the look too^ There are definitely other colours which will work well too =D And the poll:

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