Monday, 24 October 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #87

This weeks challenge posts are going to be using LE bags that I've bought over the past years! First up in todays post this pair were destined to be shown together really - the North Shore Surf Bag then the Off Into The Sunset Bag which came out in the 13th collection way back in March 2012! I bought both of these bags in the store from the Plaza, so I've had them 4 years and really not made good use of them or very much use of them actually, maybe just once or twice in all that time! For the first look I wanted to use muted neutral tones and this grey sweaters seemed a good choice to let the blue both stand out but also fit in, I love wearing these loose wide leg trousers with the sweater too, a good casual look for the season^ And in my second look I had an orange mindset and ended up settling on these shoes - they work well with the bag but don't draw your attention away from it. I think some people will think I'm crazy with this look as it kinda just looks like a navy skintight bodysuit, but I think the colour looks good with the bag and also love the polo neck and the cool hem of the trousers =D

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