Wednesday, 12 October 2016

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I've been quite disappointed with the releases lately, which has prompted a sort of 'make do' post from last weeks Evil Panda drop in the Plaza! The store isn't one of my favourites in general but it does have some pretty decent pieces. I wasn't hugely enamoured by the release, nothing caught my eye initially, but I gave it a few days then took a fresh look. But first up, a feature! This look is from millaxx and it's a bit of a classic with colours. Both the Cropped Turtleneck and the Panda Slit Skirt are styled in this look, and it has a super streamlined effect. Accessories have been chosen minimally yet fitting to the style, I particularly like the inclusion of the studded backpack:
So in the end I picked 4 items from the store to purchase and I've styled 3 of them in these two looks. Firstly on the left are the Cold Shoulder Shirt Dress and the Velvet Bow styled pretty classically for me! These two pieces seem like they were made for each other. I really like the shape of the dress, but this time I decided to pair it with trousers which works well so makes it a pretty versatile piece. Then on the right I styled the Panda Slit Skirt  in a look which I think is pretty good for autumn, keeping warm on the tophalf but allowing a little leg on the bottomhalf. What I like about the slit on the skirt is that it's there but it's not huge and it keeps a certain level of modesty that I know some prefer. Using all black means the white waistband of the skirt and patterning really stand out which I love:

Let me know what you think of the release and the post in the comments below!

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