Sunday, 14 August 2016

We Wear Hotbuys A U G U S T | Pompom Straw Sunhat

Our next Hotbuy, and something I don't think we've had in a while in terms of an accessory, a hat! This is the Pompom Straw Sunhat from Bizou and it costs 16SD's. I think this is a little high for what the piece is, 12 or 13 would have been more appropriate. The colour is pretty nice though, and although the pompoms don't look entirely like pompoms, I like their addition to the piece =)
Despite most likely being a less popular piece for a few reasons, I really like both of our stylings for this hat! I think we sell it well and different ways to go with it, even if we've both chosen white and blue, it works with a range of styles! And vote in our poll too:

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