Saturday, 20 August 2016

V I N Y L | Release Review

So many new stores to the Plaza - and next in line is VINYL! It's got an overall coffee shop/hipster vibe to it which comes across very clearly in the homepage ad, so I feel like they're aiming at their market from the get go. The pieces in the ad really do intrigue me, especially those jackets so I was more than happy to get ahead and see what this store could offer =D
The theme is very present throughout the two floors that we have, but there's a huge mix of pieces with different styles and designs, I really think this is a great release!
I'll start off as usual with the accessories which mainly focus on the shoes over other items. There's even a great male pair in there, the Black Birkenstock Inspired Sandals, which I'm totally wanting right now for my doll! The girls get three choices in a pretty good range, the Martens Inspired Lace Up Shoe, Vinyl Vans Inspired Sneakers and Adidas Inspired Sandals. I prefer the latter two pairs, although the Vans are definitely pretty chunky when they're on the doll, so it might be a trickier style to pull off. I wasn't so sure of the Adidas Inspired Sandals at first, but I've seen a few outfits including them now and I'm pretty sold, they seem much more versatile than they did initially! Aside from shoes there is the Vinyl Satchel Bag, a cute addition but not something I'd be interested in, the Black Vintage Fedora Hat, which I think is a pretty popular piece and is hugely versatile, and then the typical Black Oversized Glasses, again which I think are popular.
And now the clothing! There's a good balance in pieces to buy, pretty equal numbers of everything which I like and gives us good options. So there are 4 dresses/all-in-one pieces. The dresses are all short, but that's fitting to the theme, although come in different styles. The most feminine is the Blue Mini Flower Dress with cute flowing sleeves and skirt, I really like the colour of this one^ There are two black options, the Black Denim Cut Off Dress and Black Jersey Mini Dress. They're both pretty casual, but with the right stylings I think they could look great dressed up. So far I've just gone with the Denim, I think the Black Jersey Mini Dress would be awesome without the white tee beneath and it would make it a much more versatile piece. Lastly in this category is my favourite piece from the store - the Stripe Denim Dungree! I just think it's so awesome =D I love the stripes (you know, I always need another striped trouser piece^) and the overall design, it's modern and present and very different to what we've had in the Plaza before. I'm actually quite surprised that I haven't seen many people wearing this one! Next there are two pairs of jeans on offer, both high waisted but with different cuts - the looser Vintage Bagy Jeans which have a great crop cut too, and the skinny, more vibrant blue High Waisted Skinny Jeans, the colour of these ones is one I'm not sure I could pull off, but I think many of you will work with it well =) There are then 3 tops to pair with those jeans, the Vintage Band Tshirt, Hipster 70s Style Tshirt and Plaid Oversized Top which really cover all sorts of style preferences! They all fit the doll really well actually, and all have their own individual shapes and styles. Or there's outerwear to go with your jeans too. Firstly a sweater, the Oversized Mustard Knitted Sweater which has such a rich colour and great loose fit - this is one of the more popular pieces from the store, I've seen so many people wearing it and I think it's an easy one to combine into different styles. And two jackets, the Oversized Denim Jacket and Vintage Suede Fringe Jacket. I love both of these pieces a lot and think they add such a difference to my wardrobe which is full of pieces so unlike either of them. I really look forward to styling them, especially in this coming autumn because I think they're perfect for that season!
Prices for this release range from 5 to 18SD's, but only 1 item is above the 13SD mark. There are also numerous SC pieces in a good range of styles and designs. I think this is great, the prices are right for the items and I think they make it a really attractive store to make purchases from - I'm very pleased with this =D
I had so much fun styling these looks with the VINYL pieces, I quite like the different vibe to them and they inspired me quite differently to releases have before - so on with my looks!
Firstly the Oversized Denim Jacket, which I've worn in a more summer to autumn look due to the fur additions at the collar and sleeves. I love the contrast between the grey dress and the blue denim, but I didn't keep it too casual and chose some heels to finish off the look! Then there's the Oversized Mustard Knitted Sweater and I wanted to try something different with it, but I'm not sure it works out 100% well! I like the colour against the dark grey of the trousers, but I think the white is a little too bright - I look forward to working with this piece in the autumn though, it's a great October colour^ Lastly in this first picture, the Black Denim Cut Off Dress which I think of these three pieces is my favourite. I styled it very minimally with just a long sleeved shirt and matching heels, I don't think it necessarily needs a lot more =)
And then my second set of looks^ Starting off with the Vintage Bagy Jeans which I stayed very casual with choosing this loose tee and trainers, I loved adding a few black accessories, including this leather jacket and think the style works well with the jeans. Then in the middle is the Plaid Oversized Top, which I really liked working with. There's a lot of colour tones in it to choose from for matching items, so I went with the orange and definitely made a bit of a style statement by going with a wide-leg pair of trousers too^ Stuck with a little golden tone for accessories, but the plaid really speaks for itself. And lastly the Stripe Denim Dungree and I think I styled this one pretty well! Stuck with whites to let the blue stripes stand out and I love my choice of accessories on this one - very pleased =D
And lastly the features! It's great to see people giving a go to a whole lot of different items from the store, I loved seeing what people came up with =D First off narineDesigner who has chosen the Plaid Oversized Top and paired it with these pink trousers, a great fit! I like the contrast of the trainers and those hoops are a pretty great accessory choice. The purple tones in the top really stand out in this one, which I quite like:
Next janetteLow going with the Black Denim Cut Off Dress in a pretty casual manner with this sweater but glamming it up with the Fishnet Black Socks, heels and this Chanel silver bag - it's a great style combination =D
And then federerexpress with the Oversized Mustard Knitted Sweater - I love this a lot more than my styling of it! The tone works great with those in this floral skirt and the blue is such a colour contrast, it really draws your eyes and makes you go 'wow'^
Lastly is Mia1435 who has chosen the Hipster 70s Style Tshirt in an overall quite 70's look. I like the continuation of the red with these trousers and the slight dressing up which comes with the waistcoat. Accessorising is pretty quirky with the multicoloured bag, but I quite like the colours on the belt, those tassels look good against the red =)

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