Saturday, 13 August 2016


 This time I decided to style some pieces of the newest stores! So I did four different looks with the things I got ( mostly the starcoins items ) I really like how these ones turned out! Hope you guys like it too!
                Look 1:                                                                        Look 2:
Wide Brim Hat - Callie's Picks                              Silver Corner Shades - Callie's Picks
Gold Hoop Earrings - Bratz                                  Hipster 70s Style Tshirt - VINYL
Hot Hot Buys Chain Necklace - Hot Hot Buys        Printed Midi Skirt - Pearls
Black Deep V Top - Callie's Picks                          Black Gucci Handbag - Gucci
Over Shouler Suit Jacket - Special Offer                Rich Burgundy Satin Heels - LE
Crossover Knot Belt - Apres Ski
Mirage Sunglasses - Callie's Picks
Orange Gucci Hand Bag - Gucci Tribute
Pucci Inspired Print Pants - MM
Shoes Inspired By Celine - Tingeling 
                 Look 3:                                                                        Look 4:
Black Vintage Fedora Hat - VINYL                        HotBuys Colonel Coat - Fallen Angel
Velvet Cross Choker Necklace - Fallen Angel        Cher top - Callie's Picks
Classic Black Collared Blouse - It Girls                 Tom net top - Evil Panda  
One Shoulder Faux Fur - Marc Jacobs                   Vintage Galliano Inspired Trousers - John Galliano
Perfect Leather Belt - MM                                    Metal Pucci Belt - Royalty
Vintage Bagy Jeans - VINYL                                  Ashley Bag - Callie's Picks
Golden Shoes - Royalty                                         Fishnet Black Socks - VINYL
                                                                             Stiletto Heels - Callie's Picks

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