Tuesday, 16 August 2016

T R A I L S | Styled Outfits

I didn't find myself hugely impressed by the latest release of a brand new store, TRAILS. The pieces don't really fall into my style category so much and I really struggled to see any great bonuses to this store other than the number of SC pieces. So instead of a review I decided to style what I did end up purchasing to give a try - which is a huge benefit of the SC price tags =D
I purchased the Trails High Waisted Pants to give a go, and I have to say I really struggled with them! The colour isn't really a classical one, so choosing pieces which matched well was very tough, it really made me grow a dislike towards them. I went with stoney tan shades which seemed to work alright for them, but I don't think my looks sell these trousers to the best of their ability, I'm not sure if it's me or the trousers that is the issue but I'm leaning to the trousers - they're just not that great a piece! I'd quite like to see some of you guys try these, so let me see your best shot and see if you can change my mind =D They were only 130SC's, so I'm not mourning the loss too deeply, luckily!
Overall, this store gets a big thumbs down from me unfortunately!

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