Monday, 8 August 2016

M M F A S H I O N | Release Review

Last week we got our new summer release of MM Fashion - I always relate this store to the good weather and am happy with this new offering in the Plaza! There's a cool LA vibe radiating from the backdrop of the ad, which I quite like. The models are alright, but I don't think this is the best job at selling the collection - which I feel like has been quite an issue with a lot of the releases lately!
The store first impressions are, thankfully, much better than the homepage advert! There are two quite packed floors with this release and a good range of pieces available, I think it's a great variety of styles and think everyone will find something for them =D
As usual, I'll start with the accessories! There's a small range available here with shoes, bags and a few extras. The shoes are all sandal styles, but to be honest none of them really stood out to me as things I needed in my closet. The Aquazzura Inspired Sandals are pretty similar to other pairs we have had this summer, for example, and although the strapping on the Saint Laurent Inspired Sandals is cool and they have a nice wedge design, I don't see much special-ness about them. There are two bags in this release, one of the regular kind, the Sleek Red Handbag, which I really like for both the colour and design, and then a piece of luggage, the Blue Designer Luggage. I'm just one of these people who doesn't have an interest in luggage on Stardoll, sorry I cannot sing any praises about it! Then the few extras, there are the Mami Inspired Statement Earrings which have a great unique design and some good colours in there, I think they will be a popular piece. And a couple of belts, the Silver Daisy Harness (something I can't get my head around, not something I'd be interested in purchasing at all) and the Lipstick Red MM Belt, a great classic piece in a bright colour with a good fit to the waist, something which is a pretty decent investment to have!
And then the clothing, which I think does a much better job than the accessories for this release! There's a pretty decent range of summer pieces and in a range of colours and styles with quite an emphasis on the brights. There is a focus on dresses/skirts I'd say, with 9 pieces available to choose from. They're in a variety of lengths and colours and styles so I think there will be something for everyone in the mix. Firstly there are two skirts, the Seaside Stripe Sarong and the Buttoned White Maxi. I really like the difference between them, and they're both good pieces, but I just can't get the Sarong to work on my doll, it just seems a little too large at the wrong places - maybe I'm just not wearing it right?! The Maxi is a great summer piece and the buttons add something different to the style. The shape is also pretty cool with the slight flaring on the bottom half. And then the 7 dresses. There are two white pieces and they give you a range choosing either the Resort White Coverup for a shorter length or the Draped Frill Maxi for something longer. I really like the designs of the both of them, I think they're good choices =) And then there's a whole lot of stripes happening! Four stripey dresses for you to choose from, 3 vertical and 1 horizontal. So the horizontal striped Roksanda Inspired Midi Dress is the first piece that really stood out to me in this collection. The stripes are the most minimal of all the pieces but I think the colours are amazing with an orange and baby blue focus, they go together so well! The black and white sections also add in some contrast, and overall I think the shape is great too, it's a flattering piece and has a great cut, perfect for my style! Of the other 3 striped pieces there is a colourful maxi in the Crisp Stripe Maxi, this isn't so much a piece for me, the style isn't something I'm a fan of, and I don't find the shape flattering to my doll at all - it's 22SD's as well, which I think is a lot for what it is. Then there are two shorter striped pieces both with blue tones, the Seaside Striped Dress and the Classic Stripe Resort Dress. Initially I wasn't really looking at either of them as I didn't really like them on first impressions, but actually I'm now becoming quite fond of the Classic Stripe Resort Dress and I'm willing to give the heavy blue and white stripes a go - maybe something for a future styled outfits post! And lastly on the dress-front, the Silk Leaves Shift, it has great colours, I mean you can't ignore the yellow, and a very nice shape and cut. It's another piece which looks flattering on the doll, and I think it's definitely one of the better pieces coming out of this release. In whole-pieces, there's a jumpsuit in the release, the Knotted Navy Jumpsuit which I think has a bit of a lightweight denim feel to it. I quite like the fit of the narrow legs but not so sure about the top, it's one that needs some thought for styling. I also haven't seen anyone wear this piece yet so I see this might be a mutual feeling. There's also a swimsuit available, the Stitched Hem Onepiece, it's ok, but nothing too 'wow'. And there's just one top in the collection, the Dot Effect Frill Top which is such a cute piece and perfect for a summer collection. It's got a great strapless style and the frilled hem is a lovely style addition and will look great in a lot of outfits! And lastly two bottomhalf pieces, the Perfect Stripe Shorts fitting in with those striped dresses but with a great red added to the colour mix, and the Pucci Inspired Print Pants which I just think are all kinds of amazing! I love the loose flowing shape they have, and the checked print is definitely different with the mix-match of colours selected. A great piece for a quirky summer style I'd say!
Prices for this collection range from 12 to 23SD's, with all but a few costing under 20SD's. I think the prices are pretty reasonable for the items and are in line with previous releases in this store, so not much to complain about there!
Styled outfits next! I was super excited to get to these because I love the pieces I've chosen with such vibrant colours, they were making me feel quite inspired^ Firstly the Roksanda Inspired Midi Dress, and this is such a standout piece I didn't want to add too much. These orange shoes were a must and I kept it cool with a leather jacket and these dark glasses. Stylish yet a touch of street, I like it =) Secondly the Mami Inspired Statement Earrings, which I wore in a pretty dressed up casual look. I love them with this denim shirt so really based my look around that pairing, choosing white and black pieces to fit with those aspects of the earrings. I really like these and can see I'll get wear out of them in the future! And lastly the Silk Leaves Shift again pretty casual with a leather jacket but the grey fur really compliments they grey tones of the dress, and choosing basic coloured accessories really lets that yellow shine, which I love =D
And a few features for this release. Firstly Claudentia who has chosen the Buttoned White Maxi and is styling it in a classic way for the piece, I think everything fits together very nicely for it. I quite like the jewellery additions and think the necklace looks great in line with those burrons!
Next from Cover.S who has chosen the Resort White Coverup. I love this casual styling, it suits both the white trainers and the denim jacket so well. Glamour has definitely been added with the silver stone necklace and the cute Fendi bags, great for summer!
And lastly a little something different, I just love how solyma77 had styled the interior from the release that it just had to be featured! I'm wanting to give this one a go, and palm leaves were what I had in mind, but this just did the job for me^ The greens are a perfect mix for the style and I love the cleverly added pieces to make the space look filled with a window, such a great job!

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