Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #68

I feel like I should be getting on so much more with these challenge posts, but lately there have been so many reviews to write that these get a little pushed onto the back-burner, maybe I'll do a few weekly specials or something soon^ Anyways, this is the next piece, the Hot Buys Voyage Big Bag from the Hot Buys store - way back when they did weekly releases of Hotbuys. It really is a big piece, I resized it a little so it looked more proportionate and I think that's how I'd wear it in the future too. That's the biggest reason I don't use it much really, because I love the maroon colouring and the orange straps, they're great colours to work with together and I found it easy to base a look around them. Loved the creams of the pieces, especially this midi dress which I've fashioned into more of a maxi skirt, I think it works out nicely for this bag =D